Health education in schools teaches students knowledge and skills to promote their own health. As a progressive school, Prairie Creek values real-life and whole-self learning—in math, in reading, in science, and in wellness. Our students practice good health every day as part of their formal education; our faculty designs useful, fun physical-fitness lessons with the understanding that habits learned early on will spell good health for a lifetime.

We use the national health education standards as a framework. By these principles, students who’ve been well instructed about their health will:

  • Understand health promotion and disease prevention concepts and practices
  • Show the ability to get valid health information, products, and services
  • Practice health-enhancing behaviors and reduce their health risks
  • Analyze the influence of culture, media, and technology on their health
  • Communicate well about their health and fitness
  • Set goals and make wise choices to better their own health
  • Advocate for their own, their families’, and their communities’ health